City Under Siege
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City Under Siege

General info
Original title: Chun Sing Gai Bei (全城戒备)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 5.1 233 votes
Plot: Sunny is a circus clown, but he dreams of being a famous knife thrower like his famous father. However, his hostile colleagues continue to bully him, relegating him to a lowly clown. Whilst on tour in Malaysia, he tags along with 5 other circus performers when they discover a cave occupied by the Japanese army during World War II. Instead of finding treasure they accidentally triggered a bio-chemical weaponry that turns them into mutants with supernatural power. Just Sunny showed no signs of mutation gaining only superhuman power. While the others decide to use their newfound strength to do crimes, Sunny meets TV announcer named Angel, who promoted him as a superhero star.
Movie info
Language: Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 110

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City Under Siege (Chun Sing Gai Bei) trailer

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Featured reviews for

City Under Siege
(overall rating: 2 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)
LoveHKFilm, by Kozo source:
«City Under Siege is splendidly awful, meaning it's ill-conceived, mystifyingly bizarre and also hilariously entertaining. One of the more "special" films of the year. Aaron Kwok: you should return one of those Golden Horse Awards.», by Linus Tee - 2.5/5 source:
«"City Under Siege" is a bad movie for the masses. Again, it’s another one of Benny Chan’s signature, popcorn action flicks though it somewhat tries to include too much cheesy humour and clichés. Minus the sci-fi factor (i.e. horrendous make-up effects), "City Under Siege" actually can be quite entertaining. », by JAMES MUDGE source:
«Whilst there is no denying that “City Under Siege” is a complete and utter mess, it still stands as one of the most entertaining of this year’s Hong Kong blockbusters. No one does over acting quite like Aaron Kwok, and his fine performance marks the film as being this year’s “Murderer”, which gives a very good indication of just how much fun it offers, intentional or otherwise.»

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Chan, BennyCHAN Benny
LING Chi-Man
CHUE Anthony
Enlight Pictures
Guangzhou Ying Ming Media Co.
Shanxi Film Studio
Sirius Pictures International
Universe Entertainment


Kwok, AaronKWOK Aaron
as Sunny
Shu, QiSHU Qi
as Angel
Wu, JackyWU Jacky
as Sun Hao
Zhang, JingchuZHANG Jingchu
as Cheng Xiuhua
Chou, CollinCHOU Collin
as Zhang Dachu
Chow, ChrissieCHOW Chrissie
as Youyou
Kwong, ElanneKWONG Elanne
as Angel's TV Replacement
Tie, NanTIE Nan
as Liu Zhenxing
Yin, TerenceYIN Terence
as Kai
as Experimental prisoner
as Yao Li

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