Chameleon: Long Goodbye
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Chameleon: Long Goodbye

General info
Original title: Chameleon (カメレオン)
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 5.7 81 votes
Plot: Goro Noda (Tatsuya Fujiwara) with his three friends live a dull life making money anyway they can, even the odd wedding scam. One day, after a successful scam, they happen to witness a kidnapping and Goro records the incident on his mobile phone.
The kidnapped man appears to be a key witness in a high-profile political corruption case. In spite of all Goro's precautions the perpetrators are aware of incriminating evidence on hand. This one recording soon cascades into a series of events that push Goro further and further into a rage that culminates into a full blown action set piece to close the film.

Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 97

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Chameleon: Long Goodbye (Chameleon) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Chameleon: Long Goodbye
Twitch, by Todd Brown source:
«While the heavily publicized action might be nice and honest for a change and I sure can’t fault the acting, it’s surely the most boring and ugly film I’ve seen in a long time…and I watched Machine Girl!»
«Yet, despite some hard-hitting combat and kinetic car chases, "Chameleon" ends up feeling like a makeover of 1980s TV action.»
Variety source:
«Tight direction by Sakamoto keeps the yarn ticking along. Helmer also takes pleasure in allowing the thesps time to develop their characters, though some still lack definition even by film's end.»

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Sakamoto, JunjiSAKAMOTO Junji
Central Arts


Fujiwara, TatsuyaFUJIWARA Tatsuya
as Goro Noguchi
Mizukawa, AsamiMIZUKAWA Asami
as Yoshiko Koike
Shioya, ShunSHIOYA Shun
as Kosuke Harukawa
Toyohara, KosukeTOYOHARA Kosuke
as Taka Kijima
Hagiwara, MasatoHAGIWARA Masato
as Satoru Kajiwara
Hiraizumi, SeiHIRAIZUMI Sei
as Shuji Yamamura
Tani, KeiTANI Kei
as Kenzo Sakai
Kato, HarukoKATO Haruko
as Noriko Yamamura
Kishibe, IttokuKISHIBE Ittoku
as Yoshitake Atsugi
Emoto, TasukuEMOTO Tasuku
Machida, ShionMACHIDA Shion
Namioka, KazukiNAMIOKA Kazuki
as Jun Yoshida
NISHI Kouichiro
Park, SoheePARK Sohee
as Ushihara
Sugata, ShunSUGATA Shun

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