Cape No. 7
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Cape No. 7

General info
Original title: Hái-Kak Chhit-Ho (海角七號)
Country: Taiwan
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 7.2 1559 votes
Plot: December of 1945, a Japanese teacher was forced to leave Taiwan and his beloved Taiwanese girl when the repatriation of Japanese nationals began following the end of Word War II. On his way home he wrote a letter each day to the girl he would never see again. The letters reached Taiwan after 60 years, in 2008.
A parcel with the letters was received by Aga, unsuccessful singer returned from Taipei who accidently got a job at the local post office, but still is too far from getting the postman job done well. Instead, he used to lie on the couch dumping the letters under.

This time local chairman on duty (and Aga's stepfather by the way) decided to raise the patriotic spirit of youth by forming a local rock band. In the absence of choice (the majority of young locals gone looking for better life in Taipei) anyone able to play anything musical was accepted: Old Mao, the old postman who can only play yukin; Frog, a grease monkey fixing motorcycles; Dada, a girl who plays piano for the church choir; Malasun, a millet wine salesman; Rauma the policeman and his father who plays harmonica. Tomoko, beautiful model from Japan, asked to organize the band in preparations to debut on the big musical show of Japanese celebrity scheduled in 3 days. The depressed Aga according to chairman's plan will be a lead vocal of a band, but he should be persuaded first.
  • «Cape No. 7» was shot in Hengchun, small town near Kending, Taiwan and have a budget of about NT$50 millions (1.5 million U.S. dollars).
  • It is now the highest-grossing film ever produced in Taiwan and is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing film ever in Taiwanese box-office history (with total earnings over 16 millions of US dollars in Taiwan)
  • «Cape No. 7» won more than 15 awards, including 6 awards of 45th «Golden Horse».

  • [2008] Golden Horse Awards
    • «Best Original Music» (Lu Fred, Chi-Yi Lo)
    • «Best Original Film Song»
    • «Best Supporting Actor» (Ju-Lung Ma)
    • «Best Film of Year»
    • «Viewer's Choice»

  • [2008] Hawaii Film Festival
    • «Best Film» (Wei Te-Sheng)

  • [2008] Taipei Film Festival
    • «Best Film» (Wei Te-Sheng)
    • «Audience Choice Award»
    • «Best Cinematography(Ting-chang Chin)
    • «Million Award» (Wei Te-Sheng)

  • [2008] Asian Marine Film Festival in Makuhari
    • «Best Film»

  • [2008] Pusan International Film Festival
    • «Window of Asia»

  • [2009] Shanghai Film Critics Awards
    • «Film of Merit»

  • [2009] Hong Kong International Film Festival
    • «The Edward Yang New Talent Award»

Director’s comments:
Rainbow Spirit

I love reading history because history reenacts itself again and again. When a period ends, people are always quick to clean that period and destroy everything of it, ready to start over. Actually, we should accept the new era with an open mind, without abandoning the past or being afraid of everything new, because the past would compromise with the new era perfectly, not necessarily opposed. That’s why I long for a new spirit of tolerance.

The seven persons in the film stand for seven colors of the rainbow mixing together, which is like the color of mud. But once being refined, each of the seven colors will present itself beautifully, just like the rainbow. The rainbow contains all the different colors, without repulsion. So it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. With so many racial and cultural conflicts in the Taiwan society, it would be wonderful if we could learn anything from the rainbow, tolerating and compromising, which is why the rainbow keeps showing up in the film.

The Vitality of Taiwan

It was a film about music originally. If we show the audience only the music part, which depicts the process of several young persons forming a band, with conflicts and several love stories in it, it would still be a wonderful film. But it lacks of our local culture, and can be done in any place of the world. The uniqueness of a film comes from the unique local cultural points of view.

Cape No.7 is a story happening in Taiwan, and so we have to make it with the characteristics of Taiwan, showing the value of this land. It should be dominated by localness. This is a beautiful place, with the vitality of environment, history, culture, landscape and race. Therefore, I chose the extradition of the Japanese aliens as the story background, and I set the location in Hengchun, which is a small town of the most ancient walls and the most luxurious hotels, the simplest residents and the tourists in bikinis walking on the streets, the traditional yukins (Taiwanese stringed musical instrument) and the modern rock music, and the aboriginals and Hakkas.
Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Cape No. 7 (Hái-Kak Chhit-Ho) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Cape No. 7
(overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
Variety, by RICHARD KUIPERS source:
«Pic hums along nicely with the band's creative squabbles and personal dramas en route to inevitable triumph at the big gig. Giving a large and mostly inexperienced cast plenty of room for boisterous thesping while keeping a tight rein on any overkill, Wei shows real flair for comedy and underpins the fun with compassion for the disappointments and loneliness hidden inside many of the characters.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«An entertaining commercial film that's a cultural phenomenon in its native Taiwan. Cape No. 7 has comedy, drama, romance and pretty pictures, and its likable characters and agreeable feel go a long way towards making it enjoyable. It's got flaws, but most people probably won't care. », by John Li - 4.5/5 source:
«This film’s got heart and soul, and you know you can feel it.»
Asia Pacific Arts, by Brian Hu source:
«The consensus amongst critics and filmmakers is that Cape No. 7 surely isn't the "best" Taiwanese film of recent years, but there is no consensus about what made it strike a chord with the general public.
1. Because it appeals to both local and cosmopolitan sensibilities.
2. Because it makes people laugh.
3. Because it's melodramatic.
4. Because the actors are well-cast.
5. Because the songs work. ...»
A Nutshell Review, by Stefan S source:
«In its human story, the themes of love and cooperation, respect and understanding all come into play and get expressed, and it is unlikely anyone will not get swayed by the sincerity and small town charm it exudes throughout. And as for building up to the final act, it's something that doesn't disappoint, or find a need to summarize or opting for a cop out. It delivered where it mattered, and finished off very strongly.»
Twitch, by Dustin Chang source:
«The premise is fairly bland, and the love story, not so convincing. But the elements that make Cape No. 7 special are the music, all the charming local characters and details. ... Cape No. 7 is a hopeful, energetic and endlessly charming film, where you don’t feel its 129 minute running time, and don’t want it to end.»
The Hollywood Reporter, by Maggie Lee source:
«There are colorful character sketches, rowing and bonding, love interests and family feuds, the pursuit of dreams -- old riffs you've heard before, from "The Commitments" to variations like Korea's "This Happy Life." But with a little rearrangement to suit local taste, plus plenty of heart from cast and crew, the film hums its own sweet melody.»

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Wei, Te-ShengWEI Te-Sheng
LO Chi-Yi
ARS Film Production


Fan, VanFAN Van
as Aga
Tanaka, ChieTANAKA Chie
as Tomoko
Min, HsiungMIN Hsiung
as Rauma
Ying, Wei-MinYING Wei-Min
as Frog (as Wei-Min Ying)
Ma, Nien-HsienMA Nien-Hsien
as Malasun
Lin, Johnny Chung-JenLIN Johnny Chung-Jen
as Old Mao (as Johnny C.J. Lin)
as Dada
Lin, ShinoLIN Shino
as Mingchu
Ma, Ju-LungMA Ju-Lung
as Aga's Stepfather
Zenror, BjanavZENROR Bjanav
as Olalan - Rauma's Father
Pei, Hsiao-LanPEI Hsiao-Lan
as Aga's Mother
as Hotel Manager
Atari, KousukeATARI Kousuke
as Teacher / Kousuke Atari
Liang, Wen-YinLIANG Wen-Yin
as Young Koshima Tomoko
KUO Yi-Hsuan
as Dada's double
Chang, Chin-YenCHANG Chin-Yen
as Meilin - The Hotel Receptionist
LI Hung-Chia
as Duckling
HUANG Hsi Tien
as Mayor
as Hotel Bell Captain
CHENG Chih-Wei
as Representative #1
WEI Chuan-Chan
as Representative #2
LEE Pei-Chen
as Motorcycle Shop Owner's Wife
YANG Dun-Siang
as Triplets #1
YANG Dun-Yan
as Triplets #2
YANG Dun-Jhih
as Triplets #3
WU Pong-Fong
as Motorcycle Shop Owner
as Driver
as Foreign Photographer
TAGGART Jonathan
as Photographer Assistant
as Foreign Model #1
as Foreign Model #2
WEST Elisabeth
as Foreign Model #3
as Foreign Model #4
CHANG Chiung-Wen
as Foreign Model #5
CROOLCES Sarah Tabita
as Foreign Model #6
as Post Office Staff (as Mu-I Chen)
as Nun
YAO Ssu-Wei
as Secretary
HUANG Hsing-Chuan
as Reverend
LU Jung
as Agent
as Model #1
LIU Yu-Jou
as Model #2
LIN Yi-Chun
as Model #3 (as I-Chun Lin)
YANG Hsin-Pei
as Model #4 (as Hsin-Pru Yang)
WANG Ting-Yi
as Model #5 (as Ting-I Yang)
TAN Shu-Ting
as Model #6
as Model #7
YEH Ya-Hsin
as Model #8 (as Ya-Hsin Yen)
CHU Ting-Shun
as String Player #1
LIN Tsung-Hui
as String Player #2
as String Player #3
LIN Hung-Tao
as String Player #4
CHEN Yuen-Ping
as Band Member #1 of Retrospect Scene
HSU Sheng-Hsiung
as Band Member #2 of Retrospect Scene
CHAN You-Ting
as Band Member #3 of Retrospect Scene
WANG Jung-Liang
as Band Member #4 of Retrospect Scene
CHEN Yi-Hsuan
as Dancer #1 of Fantasy Scene (as I-Hsuan Chen)
as Dancer #2 of Fantasy Scene
LI Jui-Chu
as Old Mao's Family
SHIU Kenny
as Nurse #1
as Nurse #2 (as I-Yan Yao)
HO Chi-Shan
as Restaurant Owner
LIN Ming-Yuen
as Guest #1 at the Wedding Reception
as Guest #2 at the Wedding Reception
CHEN Misaki M.J.
as Hotel Staff
WU Chiu-Lien
as Hotel Receptionist #1
HO Kuan-Yi
as Hotel Receptionist #2
KAO Jason
as Life Guard
as Kousuke Atari's Agent #1
as Kousuke Atari's Agent #2
as Kousuke Atari's Agent #3
WU Hsiu-Min
as Mingchu's Grandmother
as Teacher (voice)

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