Bungee Jumping of Their Own
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Bungee Jumping of Their Own

General info
Original title: Beonjijeompeureul Hada (번지점프를 하다)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2001
Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7.2 622 votes
Plot: The story begins in 1983 on a rainy afternoon with So In-wu meeting In Tae-hae by chance and offering her shelter under his umbrella while they wait for her bus. After that moment So In-wu spends days trying to find her again - waiting her at a bus stop, secretly follows her on her way to university and attending her lectures instead of his own. They both know that they are soulmates and so their relationship has a promising start. But when In-woo was leaving for his obligatory two-year service in the military, Tae-hee did not come to see him on the road.

17 years later, In-woo is married and has a daughter. He is a teacher and has changed a lot since back then. Among his students he soon builds up a good reputation, because of his kindness, sincerity and his wish to support his students in every possible way. But soon he finds that he feels something strange to one of his students, more than just paternal feelings.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 107

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Bungee Jumping of Their Own (Beonjijeompeureul Hada) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Bungee Jumping of Their Own
(overall rating: 3.8 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)
KoreanFilm.org, by Darcy Paquet source: http://koreanfilm.org/kfilm01.html#bungee
«The time Kim spent as an assistant director appears to have paid off, and he is surely a director to keep an eye on. Each of the film's three major segments contain vivid scenes, presented in a manner that strips them of their sentimentality. The film's opening is striking in its visuals, humor and sadness, while the scenes shot in the present contain an unusual energy. Later in the film the mood turns much more serious and issue-oriented, in an unusual plot twist that I omitted on purpose from the above synopsis.»
Variety, by DEREK ELLEY source: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117797745.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
«Kim's precision direction can't overcome a basic weakness in Ko's script: It never makes a convincing case for reincarnating In-woo's first love in a young man. Aside from miring the pic in a gay/not-gay debate, which detracts from the central theme, it's an idea that may have seemed cheeky on paper but needs more emotional underpinning when on a bigscreen.»
AsianMovieWeb - 6/8 source: http://www.asianmovieweb.com/en/reviews/bungee_jumping_of_their_own.htm
«"Bungee Jumping of their Own" is an unusal movie, that deals with the topic of homosexuality in a very subtle way and through the back door. Maybe that's the reason why the movie even became successful in Korea. With use of a supernatural reincarnation-plot, which fortunately isn't all too annoying, we get great emotional cinema, that seems to deal with the subject of love between two men. »
Heroic Cinema, by James Brown - 8/10 source: http://www.heroic-cinema.com/reviews/bungee
«Bungee Jumping provides us with an excellent example of how perceptive Korean filmmakers can choose not to say precisely the things that everyone expects them to say. ... Although it operates with an outlandish mystical concept, it’s easy to relate to the emotional subject material Bungee Jumping evokes and that to me signals a fine work.»

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Kim, Dae-SeungKIM Dae-Seung
KO Eun-Nim
Eye Entertainment


Lee, Byung-HunLEE Byung-Hun
as Seo In-woo
Lee, Eun-JuLEE Eun-Ju
as In Tae-hee
Yeo, Hyeon-SooYEO Hyeon-Soo
as Lim Hyeon-bin
Hong, Su-HyeonHONG Su-Hyeon
as Yeo Hye-su
Jeon, Mi-SeonJEON Mi-Seon
as In-woo's wife
Chang, Suk-WonCHANG Suk-Won
as Cho Jae-Il
Gi, Ju-BongGI Ju-Bong
as Director of students affairs
Kim, Kap-SuKIM Kap-Su
as Sculpture professor
Lee, Beom-SuLEE Beom-Su
as Lee Dae-Guen
Nam, Gung-MinNAM Gung-Min
as Kim Chul-Sung
Oh, Ji-HyeOH Ji-Hye
as Supply teacher of Korean

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