Bright Future
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Bright Future

General info
Original title: Akarui Mirai (アカルイミライ)
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
Genre: Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.8 1345 votes

“Bright Future Glows”
- Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

“An enchantingly cryptic, ethereally photographed slice of somber surrealism that should definitely appeal to fans of David Lynch and Luis Bunuel. A darkly spellbinding fantasy of urban disillusion.”
- Aaron Hillis, Premiere

“Striking imagery!”
- Logan Hill, New York Magazine

“Kurosawa now seems incapable of making a film that is anything less than entrancing.”
- Ken Fox, TV Guide

Friends Mamoru and Yuji are aimless young men stuck in dead-end jobs in a dreary factory in Tokyo. Mamoru, the more antisocial of the two, is obsessed with his pet project of acclimating a poisonous jellyfish to fresh water by gradually changing the water in its tank. One night, he inexplicably murders his boss’ family and is sentenced to death. Yuji, left to continue the jellyfish experiment, befriends Mamoru’s estranged father, Tatsuya Fuji, and the two form a bond. But, Yuji’s attachment to the jellyfish is even stronger, and problems arise when he accidently releases the poisonous creature into the canals of Tokyo.

  • Kiyoshi Kurosawa polished Bright Future for Cannes by removing an additional twenty minutes of footage. The Japanese and Korean DVDs feature the original and (presumably) superior 115-minute version. Kurosawa himself prefers the longer cut, but said the shorter version has some strong points as well.
  • 'Ambivalent Future,' a documentary filmed during production of Bright Future was released in theatres and is available on some DVD releases.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 88

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Bright Future (Akarui Mirai) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Bright Future
Japan-101, Comments from director Kiyoshi Kurosawa source:
«I believe the future means a stormy time laying in darkness just in front of the present time. Some of the rails seen in the middle of a storm head for the hell, while others are gone after the strong winds carry them away. What should we do now?»
MidnightEye, by Michel Arnold source:
«Kiyoshi Kurosawa dares us to walk a tightrope away from the cinematic rules we were raised on while barely staying within entertainment's reach. In exactly this sense, Bright Future may be one of his most unbalanced films yet.»
Nippon Cinema, by kevin source:
«Bright Future is a brilliant comment on generational shifts. The old generation always wants to hang on to their ideals. They see everything they’ve built up as something to be stepped into by the younger generation, making the future nothing more than a continuation of the past—their past, their future. », by James Mudge source:
«Bright Future is a film of quiet anger, of uncaring characters trying to find their place in a modern society which they have little in common with. ... Bright Future are neither comfortable nor obvious, and Kurosawa thankfully steers clear of the clichés of angst ridden cinema, dealing with the intangible rather than the usual whining of materialistic twenty-something’s which tend to populate such films.»
LoveHKfilm, by Sanjuro source:
«A mesmerizing film from director Kiyoshi Kurosawa that defies simple categorization. Is it a "coming of age" story or a tense family drama? A ghost story? Or perhaps a monster movie? Whatever the film is intended to be, it's damn good.»

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Kurosawa, KiyoshiKUROSAWA Kiyoshi
HASUMI Shigeomi
Digital Site Corporation
Klock Worx Co.
Uplink Co.


Odagiri, JôODAGIRI Jô
as Yûji Nimura
Asano, TadanobuASANO Tadanobu
as Mamoru Arita
Fuji, TatsuyaFUJI Tatsuya
as Shin'ichirô Arita
Sasano, TakashiSASANO Takashi
as Mr. Fujiwara
as Mrs. Fujiwara
as Ken Takagi
Kasahara, HideyukiKASAHARA Hideyuki
Kase, RyoKASE Ryo
as Fuyuki Arita
Matsuyama, KenichiMATSUYAMA Ken'ichi
Morishita, YoshiyukiMORISHITA Yoshiyuki
as Mori
Oyamada, SayuriOYAMADA Sayuri
as Miho Nimura
as Lawyer
Satô, SakichiSATÔ Sakichi
Sawaki, TetsuSAWAKI Tetsu
as Kei

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