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Breaking News

General info
Original title: Daai Si Gin (大事件)
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2004
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.7 2702 votes
Plot: When a live TV news crew broadcasts an embarrassing defeat of Hong Kong’s police department by just five bank robbers, public opinion of the force plummets and the department vows to capture the robbers at any cost.

Detective Cheung (Nick Cheung) accidentally stumbles upon the fugitives hiding out in an abandoned building, and soon Yuen (Richie Jen), the notorious leader of the five-man gang, finds himself and his crew under siege by thousands of police officers.

Seeing this as an opportunity to restore the public’s faith in the police department, Inspector Rebecca (Kelly Chen) turns the stakeout into a breaking news show, with live updates beamed out to a transfixed Hong Kong. But the plan may backfire when attempts to manage the press come undone when hostages are taken, true identities are unknown, and the building contains not one gang but two.

  • 'Breaking News' was remade into a 2008/2009 Russian film titled 'Newsmakers' - the first remake ever of an Asian film in Russia.
Movie info
Colormode: Color
Running time: 88

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Breaking News (Daai Si Gin) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Breaking News
New York Times, by MANOHLA DARGIS source:
«It's a slam-dunk of an opener in a film filled with terrifically choreographed action and very little on its mind.»
eFilmCritic, by Jay Seaver source:
«The action is good enough to satisfy the people who came for it, and by the time the movie is over, the fact that it's not just about the action and the fantasy isn't a problem at all.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«Breaking News does provide one major, major bonus: it entertains, and not in a dumbed-down, unintelligent way. The media satire, while not fully explored, does give the film a few sly laughs, and Johnnie To paces the cat-and-mouse "Die Hard in a Hong Kong apartment building" storyline with enjoyable tension and appropriate bursts of action.»
Qwipster's Movie Reviews, by Vince Leo source:
«While the storyline is provocative, the direction by To energetic, and the acting competent, what Breaking News really lacks to take it to the next level are a high-quality script and a strong presence at its core.», by Nix source:
«“Breaking News” is definitely one of To’s best. An action-packed film from beginning to end, brimming over with slick camerawork, wild firefights, and the type of understated “silent men of action” one loves in a Johnnie To movie.»

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To, JohnnieTO Johnnie
CHAN Hing-Ka
YIP Tin-Shing
Media Asia FilmsMedia Asia Films
China Film Group
Milky Way Image CompanyMilky Way Image Company


Ren, RichieREN Richie
as Yuen (as Richie Jen)
Chen, KellyCHEN Kelly
as Commissioner Rebecca Fong
Cheung, NickCHEUNG Nick
as Inspector Cheung
Cheung, Siu-FaiCHEUNG Siu-Fai
as Eric Yeung (as Cheung Siu Fai)
Hui, Shiu HungHUI Shiu Hung
as Hoi (as Hui Siu Hung)
Lam, SuetLAM Suet
as Yip (as Lam Suet)
You, YongYOU Yong
as Chun (as You Yong)
DING Haifeng
as Long (as Ding Hai Feng)
LI Haitao
as Chung (as Li Hai Tao)
Yam, SimonYAM Simon
as Asst. Commissioner C.K. Wong
Siu, MaggieSIU Maggie
as Grace Chow (as Maggie Shiu)

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