Blue Spring
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Blue Spring

General info
Original title: Aoi Haru (青い春)
Country: Japan
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 7.4 1344 votes
Plot: Based on a manga by Taiyo Matsumoto, Toshiaki Toyoda's Blue Spring is a story about high school anarchy in the long, bruised-and-battered tradition of Be-Bop Highschool (1985 - Hiroyuki Nasu) and Fudoh: The New Generation (Gokudo Sengokushi: Fudoh, 1996 - Takashi Miike).

It's the last year of school and Kujo is elected the new boss of all the gangs in his high school. As the year progresses the disillusioned students become more and more violent as their school becomes a battle field. Soon challenges to Kujo's authority are threatening the tenuous balance in the school. As graduation draws near the students face nothing but violence and death.

This film was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 83

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Blue Spring (Aoi Haru) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Blue Spring
Midnight Eye, by Tom Mes source:
«Although Blue Spring is filled with fights, deaths and murder, Toyoda keeps the violence subtly but resolutely off-screen, proving quite succinctly that less is more. If the film feels like a barrage of blood-drenched confrontations, it's because the director does such a good job at implying them. Blue Spring is not a violent film for the sake of being a violent film; its characters are too well rounded, its touches of dreamlike beauty too poetic for it to be dismissed as such. And its director is far too good a filmmaker to be suckered into making a pretentious bloodbath.»
SARUDAMA.COM: Japanese Movie Reviews source:
«Blue Spring strongly emphasizes this tragic cycle of self-destructive behavior among the students wherein a gang-like attitude among grades perpetuates itself year after year. The entire film suggests that this cycle must be escaped in order for our characters to truly survive, and the notion of such an escape is embodied in a simple yet meaningful message of hope which at least one of our characters will attempt to rely upon. It is the presence of this message which sets Blue Spring apart from other films merely centering on youth violence.»

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Toyoda, ToshiakiTOYODA Toshiaki
Omega Micott Inc.


Matsuda, RyuheiMATSUDA Ryuhei
as Kujo
Arai, HirofumiARAI Hirofumi
as Aoki
Takaoka, SousukeTAKAOKA Sousuke
as Yukio
as Kimura
Yamazaki, YutaYAMAZAKI Yuta
as Ota
Oshinari, ShûgoOSHINARI Shûgo
as Yoshimura
Tsukamoto, TakashiTSUKAMOTO Takashi
as Freshman in Baseball Club
as Obake (Ghost)
as Suzuki
Shibukawa, KiyohikoSHIBUKAWA Kiyohiko
as Leader of Rival School Gang (as Kee)
Koizumi, KyôkoKOIZUMI Kyôko
as Kiosk Woman
Yamada, MameYAMADA Mame
as Hanada-sensei
as High-school girl
Kyô, NobuoKYÔ Nobuo

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