Bloody Tie
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Bloody Tie

General info
Original title: Sasaeng Gyeoldan (사생결단)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.1 308 votes
Plot: In this uncompromising vision of the gritty Korean underworld, a crystal meth dealer with a tragic past is forced to team up with a renegade cop to take down a powerful crime lord. Reminiscent of the Hong Kong action films of the 80’s but full of the dark and unpredictable machismo of Korean cinema today, Bloody Ties is a sinister and vicious film noir thriller.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 117

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Bloody Tie (Sasaeng Gyeoldan) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Bloody Tie, by James Mudge source:
«It is a shame that “Bloody Tie” probably won’t be widely seen in the West, as it is certainly one of the best Korean films of the last few years. Although some may be put off by the fact that it belongs to an undeniably overcrowded genre, it is very much the definitive film of its type, and is one of the very few to offer such a believably harsh portrayal of the drugs trade in Korea. »
Korean Movie Reviews for 2006, by Kyu Hyun Kim source:
«Bloody Tie is a dark, vicious and surprisingly poignant film noir, which maintains its integrity despite wholly unnecessary (and ultimately detrimental) capitulation on its maker's part to the lineage of '80s Hong Kong cinema. Do not expect something beautiful and slick: this baby's got a bite.»
Twitch, by Todd source:
«While it may lack the technical sophistication of A Bittersweet Life, Bloody Tie succeeds on the strength of its characters with both Lee and Doh presented as highly complex men driven by a multitude of conflicting forces. The constant power struggle between them, the distrust balanced against mutual need, makes for always interesting viewing. Ryu and Hwang both acquit themselves well in their roles and the film is directed with a dash of style that lifts it above the pack. While not a classic Bloody Tie is certainly comfortably above average in terms of writing, direction and performance – a combination that makes for a solid piece of entertainment.»
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«The positives for the film would be the acting by the two main actors, very good cinematography & lighting, and a fast paced directorial style that had me interested throughout the film. Some negatives about the film were the odd 1970’s soundtrack used in a film set in 1997, less than convincing performance by the main actress, and a script that was not particularly original. Anyways if you enjoy fast paced & at times very violent film noire, than Bloody Tie may be worthwhile to check out. Some may really like it, while others may find it to be just o.k.»

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Choi, HoCHOI Ho
YUN Deok-Won
MK PicturesMK Pictures


Chu, Ja-HyeonCHU Ja-Hyeon
as Ji-young
Choi, Jin-HoCHOI Jin-Ho
as Changjun
Hwang, Jeong-MinHWANG Jeong-Min
as Lieutenant Do
KIM Hee-Ra
KIM Jin-Hyeok
LEE Do-Gyung
as Jang Cheol
Lee, EolLEE Eol
On, Ju-WanON Ju-Wan
Ryu, Seung-BeomRYU Seung-Beom
as Sang-do

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