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General info
Original title: Buraddo (Blood ブラッド)
Country: Japan
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 5.8 80 votes
Plot: Police Detective Hoshino, who specialises in long open unsolved cases, travelling to the mansion of the reclusive Miyako Rozmberk to investigate the murder of a sixteen-year-old maid at a house she previously owned some years back. Miyako blames the murder on a man named Ukyo Kuronuma. Hoshino tracks him down, and upon finding him is shocked to catch him in the act of biting a young girl’s neck as she begs for her life. Hoshino dicovers that Ukyo was once known as Okita, a swordsman from Edo period who was turned into a vampire by Miyako.
  • Fight choreography and stunt work was overseen by Keiya Tabuchi, a veteran stunt actor who previously worked on the Edward Zwick’s The Last Samurai.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Running time: 85

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Blood (Buraddo) trailer

Tags: Blood, Buraddo, 2009, Japanese movies, Action movies, Horror movies, Erotic movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Blood, by JAMES MUDGE source:
«“Blood” is far more accessible to the average viewer than it might otherwise have been, and works more as a horror film with erotic elements, than as a piece of cinematic sleaze. Enjoyably overwrought and imaginatively directed, as well as a must see for fans of the statuesque Sugimoto Aya, it offers something a little different to the usual Japanese genre outings.»

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Shimoyama, TenSHIMOYAMA Ten
Takechi, ShigenoriTAKECHI Shigenori


Sugimoto, AyaSUGIMOTO Aya
as Miyako Rozmberk
Tsuda, KanjiTSUDA Kanji
as Detective Hoshino
Kaname, JunKANAME Jun
as Ukyo Kuronuma
Yamaguchi, SayoYAMAGUCHI Sayo
as Brigitte
Matsuda, SatoshiMATSUDA Satoshi
as Yokochi
Ishimatsu, GutsISHIMATSU Guts
as Hoshino's chief
Sakuragi, RinSAKURAGI Rin
as Girl A
Sone, HarumiSONE Harumi
Sudo, MasahiroSUDO Masahiro
as Detective Takagi

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