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General info
Original title: Beck
Country: Japan
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama, Music
IMDB Rating: 7 43 votes
Plot: Yukio Tanaka nicknamed 'Koyuki' is an ordinary 16-year old drifting through life without purpose. Until he saves the strange odd-looking dog, who belongs to a local rock musician and talented guitarist Ryusuke Minami. Drawn into Japan's underground music scene, Koyuki finds that passion he's been missing. Ryusuke influences Koyuki to start playing guitar and eventually, along with rapper Chiba, genius bassist Taira and skillful drummer Saku the two form a band named BECK. And the first step in the their rise to stardom is performing on Japan's greatest rock festival Greatful Sound.
  • The movie is based on popular music manga by Harold Sakuishi with the same name, published by Kodansha in Monthly Shōnen Magazine from 2000 to 2008. It has sold out more than 15 million copies of the 34 volumes since the first publication. The original manga was also adapted as an 26-episode anime television series, which was aired on Japan's TV Tokyo from 2004 to 2005.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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BECK (Beck) trailer

Tags: BECK, Beck, 2010, Japanese movies, Drama movies, Music movies, asian movies

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(overall rating: 2.8 out of 5 based on 2 reviews)
Japan Times, by MARK SCHILLING - 2/5 source:
«Tsutsumi, fresh from his smash hit "20th Century Boys" trilogy, films this busy, crowded story with his usual visual flair, while giving the heroes more prickly individuality than the idealized, cartoonish manga-to-movie norm.»

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Tsutsumi, YukihikoTSUTSUMI Yukihiko
ÔISHI Tetsuya
Shochiku Company
Sony Music Entertainment


Sato, TakeruSATO Takeru
as Yukio 'Koyuki' Tanaka
Mizushima, HiroMIZUSHIMA Hiro
as Ryusuke Minami
Kiritani, KentaKIRITANI Kenta
as Chiba
Nakamura, AoiNAKAMURA Aoi
as Saku
Mukai, OsamuMUKAI Osamu
as Taira
Kutsuna, ShioriKUTSUNA Shiori
as Maho Minami
Furukawa, YutaFURUKAWA Yuta
as Yoshito Shoseki
Mikami, KenseiMIKAMI Kensei
as Eiji Kimura
Matsushita, YukiMATSUSHITA Yuki
as Kazuo Sato
Kawano, NaokiKAWANO Naoki
as Togo
Kurauchi, SariKURAUCHI Sari
as Hiromi Masuoka
Sakurada, DôriSAKURADA Dôri
as Masaru Hyodo
Pemberton, BrettPEMBERTON Brett
as Eddie Lee
Nakamura, ShidoNAKAMURA Shido
as Ran
Lee, CinquéLEE Cinqué
as Leon Sykes
Lee, FloydLEE Floyd
as John Lee Davidson
Takahashi, TsutomuTAKAHASHI Tsutomu
as Rikiya Kitazawa
Takeyama, TakanoriTAKEYAMA Takanori
as Keichi Saito
Motai, MasakoMOTAI Masako
as cameo
Shinagawa, HiroshiSHINAGAWA Hiroshi
as cameo

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