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General info
Original title: Aragami
Country: Japan
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 6.7 1326 votes
Plot: Ancient Japan. Fleeing from enemies, two wounded samurai arrive at a strange old temple in a remote location in the mountains. The doors to the place are opened by a beautiful and exotic woman, who beckons them inside. Unable to walk any further, they collapse from exhaustion. One of the samurai awakens to find himself miraculously healed. He meets his saviour, a mysterious man who tells him that his friend died from his wounds. The samurai is persuaded to stay the night. His host tells him the legend of the 'Tengu', a goblin which is said to reside in the mountains dining on the flesh of men. He goes on to reveal the true name of the Tengu : Aragami. When the samurai asks if Aragami poses a threat to the temple, his host answers : 'I am Aragami'. The only way for the Samurai to leave the temple is to destroy Aragami.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 70

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Aragami (Aragami) trailer

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Kitamura, RyuheiKITAMURA Ryuhei
Masumoto, ShôichirôMASUMOTO Shôichirô
Morino, NobuhikoMORINO Nobuhiko


Osawa, TakaoOSAWA Takao
as The Samurai
Kato, MasayaKATO Masaya
as Aragami/Tengu/Miyamoto Musashi
Uotani, KanaeUOTANI Kanae
as The Woman
Sakaguchi, TakSAKAGUCHI Tak
as The Future challenger
Sakaki, HideoSAKAKI Hideo
as The Samurai's Friend


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