Agitator (The Outlaw Souls)
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Agitator (The Outlaw Souls)

General info
Original title: Araburu Tamashii-Tachi (荒ぶる魂たち)
Country: Japan
Year: 2001
Genre: Crime, Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.5 553 votes
Plot: Old boss of the prominent Tenseikai crime syndicate is at death's door. Foreseen a cruel bloodshed to take over the helm, one of the yakuza captains - Kaito, attempting to gain power by absorbing two smaller rival gangs - Yokomizo and Shirane. To accomplish that, he, along with Shirane's leader's assistant - Mizushima, develop a plan where the both gangs loosing their caps will make peace and form an alliance under strong Kaito's and Mizushima's leadership.

The plan seems to be perfect, but young yakuza Kenzaki Kunihiko, is turning things upside down. Kenzaki is the charismatic leader of a gang that makes up one part of the Yokomizo family. Devastated by Kaito's and Mizushima's actions he vows to avenge his boss's death and moves from acting on the decisions of his superiors to making his own, against betrayers.
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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Agitator (The Outlaw Souls) (Araburu Tamashii-Tachi) trailer

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Featured reviews for

Agitator (The Outlaw Souls)
(overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 based on 5 reviews)
Movie Gazette, by Anton Bitel - 8/10 source:
«‘Agitator’ is a densely layered, multi-faceted portrait of honour amongst thieves, and ranks as one of Miike’s most mature, and most complex, films to date.», Donald Morefield - 7/10 source:
«The leitmotif of Agitator is a pocket kaleidoscope, a device that never reveals the same image twice, and Miike creatively explores that thought via the morally repugnant philosophies of ever-shifting affiliations and political scheming in the yakuza organisation's hierarchy and exclusive membership.»
Film 4 source:
«Denying the very conventions of the yakuza genre that has inspired some of his best work, Takashi Miike deliberately piles on successive scenes of dialogue-heavy exposition in the hope of making us realize that the yakuza are more businessmen than action-heroes. »
Total Film source:
«Full of shifting allegiances, shadowy backroom discussions and very little of the snappy editing Miike's best known for, Agitator proves that there's more to this cult filmmaker thannon-stop action.»
Time Out Film Guide source:
«Every character and almost every incident in this sprawling yakuza gang-war saga is generic, and so Miike looks for ways to liven things up - but doesn't find many. »
Empire Magazine - 2/5 source:
«More OTT carnage than you can shake a blood-splattered katana at, but all to no effect.»
Hong Kong Cinema - 3/5 source:
«Not the best of Takashi Miike's output, Agitator is nevertheless a solid genre piece offering a good deal of cunning manipulation alongside the gangland murders and will please both fans of yakuza pictures and Miike completists.», by Chris Regan source:
«Despite its frantic prologue Agitator is a definite departure from Miike's more violent and sensational work in films such as Ichi the Killer and Dead or Alive. ... While Agitator is none of these things it is still an enjoyable film with a strong performance from Kato and some memorable moments.»

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Miike, TakashiMIIKE Takashi
director/as Shinozaki
Takechi, ShigenoriTAKECHI Shigenori
Endô, KôjiENDÔ Kôji


Kato, MasayaKATO Masaya
as Kunihiko
Takenaka, NaotoTAKENAKA Naoto
as Higuchi
Matsukata, HirokiMATSUKATA Hiroki
as Kaito
Akino, TaisakuAKINO Taisaku
as Tsuchiya
Ibu, MasatôIBU Masatô
as Mizushima
Endo, KenichiENDO Kenichi
as Muroi
Miki, RyôsukeMIKI Ryôsuke
Ishibashi, RenjiISHIBASHI Renji
Curtis, MickeyCURTIS Mickey
as Yokomizo
as Numata
Sone, HarumiSONE Harumi
Sudo, MasahiroSUDO Masahiro
Kana, AkikoKANA Akiko
Tsukamoto, KôjiTSUKAMOTO Kôji
DAICHI Yoshiyuki
Yamaguchi, YoshiyukiYAMAGUCHI Yoshiyuki

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