Adrift in Tokyo
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Adrift in Tokyo

General info
Original title: Tenten (転々)
Country: Japan
Year: 2007
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 7.4 511 votes
Plot: With 800,000 yen ($8,000) in gambling debts, scruffy law student Fumiya Takemura (Odagiri Joe) is ambushed by rambunctious, middle-aged debt collector Fukuhara (Tomokazu Miura) and given three days to cough up. When they meet again, two days later, Fukuhara appears to have softened and offers a deal: if Fumiya joins him for a walk across Tokyo to the Kasumigaseki area, the debt collector will give him not only enough cash to cancel the outstanding debt but also a substantial sum for his own use.

Reason for Fukuhara's change of heart is that, in the meantime, he's accidentally killed his wife and wants to give himself up at Kasumigaseki police station ('the best in Tokyo') after visiting some emotionally significant sites along the way. He nonchalantly tells Fumiya he wants him by his side to ward off loneliness. Though he thinks it's crazy, Fumiya agrees to make the journey.

Awards and Nominations:
Best Supporting Actor for Tomokazu Miura in the 2007 Kinema Junpo Award.
Best Script Juri prize (Satoshi Miki) and Special Mention of the Jury (Jo Odagiri and Tomokazu Miura) in 2008 on Fant-Asia Film Festival

'As linear as a road movie but uniquely structured to veer off the map, Miki’s bizarre vision is sweet, never saccharine, and too modest to boast its cunning.'
–Village Voice
Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 101

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Adrift in Tokyo (Tenten) trailer

Tags: Adrift in Tokyo, Tenten, 2007, Japanese movies, Comedy movies, asian movies

Featured reviews for

Adrift in Tokyo
Twitch, by Todd Brown source:
«Adrift In Tokyo takes on many of the characteristics of its plot. It is a meandering, quirky and surprisingly beautiful piece of work that perfectly balances humor and emotion. ... Miki Satoshi is no longer simply that goofy TV director mucking about on the big screen but that he has become one of the strongest voices in Japanese film. Yes, it’s really that good.»
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source:
«The joys in this film are minor, but the complete picture is surprisingly rewarding. Miki does little here besides take a nice little walk, and invite the audience along. It's a trip well worth taking.»
Lunapark6, by luna6 source:
«There’s tons of things to love about “Adrift in Tokyo”. The streets of Tokyo are laid out in perfect fashion, not calling attention to itself immediately, but framed in a way where you can’t help to eventually note its charms. There’s also plenty of running gags in the movie that features the trademark Satoshi Miki humor, but just not so over the top this time around. », by John Lichman source:
«Whatever you'd do, Adrift is the sort of comedy that is easy to become a quick fan of, eschewing a combination of Takeshi Kitano's own surreal jokes but grounded in a sense of "well, why shouldn't this happen?"»
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, by Heather Keung source:
«The sterling humour and the genuine warmth is singularly the creation of Satoshi Miki, whose screenplay and direction make it possible for such a basic concept to become something richer than most films you’ll see this year. »

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Miki, SatoshiMIKI Satoshi
FUJITA Yoshinaga
Aoi Promotion
Geneon EntertainmentGeneon Entertainment
Style Jam


Odagiri, JôODAGIRI Jô
as Fumiya Takemura
Miura, TomokazuMIURA Tomokazu
as Aiichiro Fukuhara
Koizumi, KyôkoKOIZUMI Kyôko
as Makiko
Yoshitaka, YurikoYOSHITAKA Yuriko
as Fufumi
Aso, KumikoASO Kumiko
as Mikaduki Shizuka
Fuse, EriFUSE Eri
as Sendai
Hiraiwa, KamiHIRAIWA Kami
as Naomi
Hirota, ReonaHIROTA Reona
as Kaburagi
ISHIHARA Yoshizumi
as Young Man of Jelly Shop
Ishii, MitsukoISHII Mitsuko
as Tatako
Iwamatsu, RyoIWAMATSU Ryo
as Kunimatsu
Kishibe, IttokuKISHIBE Ittoku
Matsushige, YutakaMATSUSHIGE Yutaka
as Tomobe
Miyata, SanaeMIYATA Sanae
as Fukuhara'ss wife
Sasano, TakashiSASANO Takashi
as Middle-aged Matmaker
Tsumura, TakashiTSUMURA Takashi
as Owner of Watch Shop
Washio, MachikoWASHIO Machiko
as Midde-aged Woman of Jelly Shop

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