A Dirty Carnival
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A Dirty Carnival

General info
Original title: Biyeolhan Geori (비열한 거리)
Country: South Korea
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 7.6 1438 votes
Plot: Byung-du is a 29-year-old career criminal, working for the middle-rank enforcer Sang-chul. Burdened with a terminally ill mother and taking care of younger siblings, Byung-du is feeling financial pressure as a substitute patriarch. When the big boss President Hwang is cornered by a corrupt prosecutor, Byung-du volunteers for a whack job and wins the big man's trust. However, his real trouble begins when friend Min-ho, an aspiring movie director, asks him to be a consultant for the latter's debut film.
Movie info
Language: Korean
Colormode: Color
Running time: 127

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A Dirty Carnival (Biyeolhan Geori) trailer

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Featured reviews for

A Dirty Carnival
Variety.com, review by Derek Elley source: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117931366.html?categoryid=31&cs=1
«The best Korean gangster movie since "Friend," "A Dirty Carnival" elevates the genre to an epic narrative level as it follows the rise and emotional decline of a smalltime hoodlum. Full of swiftly etched, well-developed characters and peppered with taut action sequences, pic has the kind of long-reaching dramatic span more often seen in regular dramas.»
IGN, "First Look Review: Korean goodfellas" by Scott Collura source: http://movies.ign.com/articles/786/786638p1.html
«Ultimately, A Dirty Carnival is just that, a circus of Shakespearean themes about the rise and fall of not just one man who tried to get ahead in life, but also how his successes and failures affected -- and afflicted -- all those around him.»
BeyondHollywood, by James Mudge source: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/a-dirty-carnival-2006-movie-review/
«Such lofty aims aside, “A Dirty Carnival” is on more basic terms a gripping and thrilling drama that features plenty in the way of stabbings, mass brawls and corpses being buried in the woods at night.»
Korean Movie Reviews for 2006, by Kyu Hyun Kim source: http://www.koreanfilm.org/kfilm06.html#dirtycarnival
«A Dirty Carnival illustrates what a gutsy and sensible filmmaker Yu Ha is, firmly reining in the film's narrative drive and not seduced by stylistic razzle-dazzle.»
Linapark6 review source: http://lunapark6.com/a-dirty-carnival.html
«A Dirty Carnival is a gritty gangster movie, that attempts to offer one of the more realistic portrayals of the mafia in Korea. It will likely appeal to action fans that crave a gritty, realistic mafia movie that provides more than its shares of brutal fight sequences. Although the film is long, it never felt slow and was, mostly, compelling throughout its runtime.»

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Yu, HaYU Ha
Sidus Pictures


Jo, In-SeongJO In-Seong
as Byung-du
Nam, Gung-MinNAM Gung-Min
as Min-ho
Jeon, Ho-JinJEON Ho-Jin
as President Hwang
Lee, Bo-YoungLEE Bo-Young
as Hyun-ju
Jin, KuJIN Ku
as Jong-su
Yun, Je-MunYUN Je-Mun
as Sang-chul
HEO In-Jae
Kim, Byeong-ChunKIM Byeong-Chun
Kim, Yun-HeeKIM Yun-Hee
Kwon, Tae-WonKWON Tae-Won
Lee, Jong-HyeokLEE Jong-Hyeok

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