A Chinese Tall Story
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A Chinese Tall Story

General info
Original title: Ching Din Dai Sing (情癫大圣)
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 5.1 532 votes
Plot: Taking place in the younger days of the famous monk, Tripitaka (known for bringing the sacred Bhuddist sutras from India to China), the film tells a fantastical adventure of the monk and his three disciples. On their way to the city of Shache, the monk narrowly escapes an attack from a group of demons. While trying to think of a way to rescue his disciples, he is captured by the king of reptiles and placed under the vigilance of Meiyan, an ugly demon who falls in love with the monk. Luckily, a princess from another galaxy rescues the monk, deeply affecting Meiyan, who pursues the two. In a twist of fate, the ugly Meiyan decides to help her beloved and teams up with the princess to rescue Tripitaka's three disciples.
Movie info
Language: Cantonese
Colormode: Color

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A Chinese Tall Story (Ching Din Dai Sing) trailer

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Lau, JeffreyLAU Jeffrey
Hisaishi, JoeHISAISHI Joe
Emperor Motion Pictures
Huayi BrothersHuayi Brothers
Xi'an Film Studio


Tse, NicholasTSE Nicholas
as Tripitaka
Choi, CharleneCHOI Charlene
as Yue Meiyan
Fan, BingbingFAN Bingbing
as Princess Xiaoshan
Chen, Bo-LinCHEN Bo-Lin
as Sun Wukong
LEONG Isabella
as Red Child
Kwan, KennyKWAN Kenny
as Zhu Wuneng
Cheung, StevenCHEUNG Steven
as Sha Wujing
Bee, KennyBEE Kenny
Chan, Wai-ManCHAN Wai-Man
GC Goo-Bi
Hui, KaraHUI Kara
Lai, Yiu-CheungLAI Yiu-Cheung
Lau, TatsLAU Tats
LEE Keung
LEE Kin-Yan
Liu, Chia HuiLIU Chia Hui
LO Guan
Tam, PatrickTAM Patrick
WONG Yut Fei
Yuen, WahYUEN Wah

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