700 Days of Battle: Us Vs. the Police
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700 Days of Battle: Us Vs. the Police

General info
Original title: Boku Tachi to Chuzai San No 700 Nichi Senso (ぼくたちと駐在さんの700日戦争)
Country: Japan
Year: 2008
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Rating: 7.5 116 votes
Plot: Not a day without a prank - it is the way the group of troublemaking teenagers led by Mamachari used to live. What could be more fun than fearfully frightened tourists in forest or teachers, falling down on slippery floor in the staff room? Mamachari and his friends are experts at causing chaos in their quiet town. Until the day when Mamachari's buddy Saijo caught for speeding on his scooter by new resident police officer Chuzai-san. The new officer appears to be a hard nut to crack and turns every their trick back against them in humiliating way. The youth only feel more outraged when they discover that Chuzai-san is somehow married to the beautiful young Kanako. The pranks battle keep escalating until the entire town gets caught up in it.


Movie info
Language: Japanese
Colormode: Color
Running time: 110

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700 Days of Battle: Us Vs. the Police (Boku Tachi to Chuzai San No 700 Nichi Senso) trailer

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700 Days of Battle: Us Vs. the Police
LoveHKfilm, by Kevin Ma source: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/panasia/700_days.html
«700 Days is packed with enough likeable characters and broad humor to draw plenty of new fans, even though it failed to achieve commercial success during its theatrical run. While fans of recent indie comedies such as Fine Totally Fine may find the humor in 700 Days too broad for their tastes, this is fun and relatively clean entertainment that deserves broader success. »

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Tsukamoto, RenpeiTSUKAMOTO Renpei
SHIDA Hirohide
Atmovie Creative
Bokuchu Partners


Ichihara, HayatoICHIHARA Hayato
as Mamachari
Sasaki, KuranosukeSASAKI Kuranosuke
as Chuzaisan
Aso, KumikoASO Kumiko
as Kanako
Ishino, MakoISHINO Mako
as Tamiko
Ishida, TakuyaISHIDA Takuya
as Saijo
Tomiura, SatoshiTOMIURA Satoshi
as Jeminy
Kento KakuKENTO Kaku
as Inoue
Kaji, MasakiKAJI Masaki
as Takaaki
Waki, TomohiroWAKI Tomohiro
as Chiba
Kurashina, KanaKURASHINA Kana
as Kazumi
Toyota, EllieTOYOTA Ellie
as Minako
Takenaka, NaotoTAKENAKA Naoto
as Coach
Ando, TamaeANDO Tamae
as Takaaki's sister
Sakai, MakiSAKAI Maki
as Kyoko Shirai
Morisaki, HiroyukiMORISAKI Hiroyuki
as Mr. Terajima
Negishi, ToshieNEGISHI Toshie
Koyanagi, YûKOYANAGI Yû
as Tsujimura

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