14 Blades
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14 Blades

General info
Original title: Gam Yee Wai (錦衣衛)
Country: China, Hong Kong
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.4 1792 votes
Plot: Qinglong is the best of the Jingyiwei, or Brocade Guards, an elite force of assassins picked up from street orphans and trained in cruel combats since early childhood. Every Jingyiwei is master of the 14 Blades, eight being for torture, five for killing and the last blade reserved for suicide when a mission failed.

Qinglong is assigned to steal from Imperor's Chief Adviser who is accused of treason the complete list of Imperor's betrayers. During the mission Qinglong realizes that he is used to steal not betrayers list, but Imperial Seal to usurp the throne. Having been labeled a traitor, betrayed by own brother-in-arms, wounded, Qinglong barely escapes with his life. Now as the most wanted man in the land, Qinglong, a true Jingyiwei, must seek out who is behind the conspiracy and restore the Emperor to power.

  • estimated budget of $20 million
Movie info
Language: Mandarin
Colormode: Color
Running time: 108

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14 Blades (Gam Yee Wai) trailer

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Featured reviews for

14 Blades
(overall rating: 2.9 out of 5 based on 3 reviews)
LoveHKfilm, by Kozo source: http://www.lovehkfilm.com/reviews_2/14_blades.html
«14 Blades follows suit, providing stylish action and amped-up art direction but not the emotions or characters that it should. ... 14 Blades has its positives, and can kill time for anyone who's in it only for the action or Donnie Yen. But is it a good movie? No, not really, and ultimately proves as memorable as the mildly entertaining Empress and the Warriors.»
Twitch, by Stefan source: http://twitchfilm.net/reviews/2010/01/review-of-14-blades.php
«It's far from being the perfect film, especially with unbelievably incoherent flashbacks and the going overboard with explosions (of the RPG type), but Donnie Yen once again shows that when it comes to the fisticuffs, he still has a lot to offer, despite the story's potential that had it go off the blocks strongly, only to fizzle out before the end in a case of severe narrative burn-out.»
movieXclusive.com, by Richard Lim Jr - 2,5/5 source: http://www.moviexclusive.com/review/14blades/14blades.html
«Attractive, exotic and fancy Blade but when it comes to story and character buildup, it was a pretty blunt Blade»
beyondhollywood.com, by Nix source: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/14-blades-2010-movie-review/
«If you thought “14 Blades” was just another excuse to watch Donnie Yen whup some ass in period setting and fall deeply into Vicki Zhao’s expressive eyes, then you’re not too far off. The film is working from a very weak script, and a lot of the movie’s narrative plotting doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. »
The Hollywood Reporter, by Maggie Lee source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/film-reviews/14-blades-film-review~~~9.story
«It would have ended a mediocre film if not for the inventively designed and utilized weaponry (especially the titular 14 blades with different functions) -- a cool homage to action master Chang Cheh's Freundian, fetishistic use of weapons.»

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Lee, DanielLEE Daniel
LAI Henry
Shanghai Film Group
Visualizer Film Productions


Yen, DonnieYEN Donnie
as Green Dragon
Zhao, WeiZHAO Wei
as Qiao Hua
Wu, ChunWU Chun
as Judge
Tsui, KateTSUI Kate
as Tuo Tuo
Qi, YuwuQI Yuwu
as Xuan Wu
Chen, Kuan TaiCHEN Kuan Tai
as Water Moon Monk
Fung, Hak OnFUNG Hak On
Hui, Chen ZhiHUI Chen Zhi
Kam-Bo, Sammo HungKAM-BO Sammo Hung
as Prince Qing
Lau, DamianLAU Damian
as Zhao Shenyan
Law, Kar-YingLAW Kar-Ying
as Jia Jing Zhong
Wu, MaWU Ma
as Jiao Zhong
Xu, Xiang DongXU Xiang Dong

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